Inspiring people to embrace adversity, shake off the status quo, and become true Changemakers

Anyone can lead.

Leadership isn’t a derivative of some title or power. Leadership is earned through the trust of your peers, friends, family, constituents, or employees. For Deke Copenhaver, leadership is about service and understanding that the authority and influence garnered from leading is a gift. What’s more, how a leader wields that authority and influence is how one earns the trust of and makes good on the hope of their people.

With the proper understanding of servant leadership and what it really takes to be a Changemaker, Deke Copenhaver helps to reframe the perceived challenges of leading into opportunities for growth, chances to change the status quo, and the privileges of improving people’s lives.

If you’re ready to become a Changemaker or empower your people to become Changemakers and create the world they want, book Deke Copenhaver to speak at your next event:

  • The Seven Attributes of a Changemaker
  • What Kind of Leader are You?
  • How to Learn from Others and be Vulnerable
  • The Value of Charity
  • What it Means to be a Courageous Leader
  • Setting the Stage for the Next Generation of Changemakers
Deke is the "poster child" for the kind of leader this country needs. Always inclusive, always mission driven, always values driven.”
Eric Zachrison Manager at Context