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Deke Copenhaver teaches what it takes to be a true and authentic leader.

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The Changemaker: The Art of Building Better Leaders

Leadership is no longer the purview of the powerful. In fact, it’s power that corrupts leadership and creates mistrust among the public or your employees. In The Changemaker, former Augusta mayor, Deke Copenhaver shares his story of service and the seven attributes needed to make anyone—no matter their title or lack thereof—a Changemaker.

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Lessons from a changemaking leader

From 2005 through 2014 then-mayor Deke Copenhaver was a catalyst in helping to transform Augusta, Georgia, attracting businesses to spur economic development, implementing social programs that impacted the lives of Augustans on a daily basis, and developing communities that for many years had been neglected by the city’s leadership. Today, he wants to bring this changemaking ethic to a national stage and empower people to become change agents in their own lives and communities. Deke’s seven attributes of a Changemaker give inspired individuals clear directives to help turn anyone into the catalysts their communities or businesses need.

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Deke is a community-oriented visionary. He envisions the future and develops pathways to get there.
Craig Lesser Managing Partner at Pendleton Consulting LLC
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Learn What it Really Means to Be a Changemaker from Deke Copenhaver

Deke Copenhaver knows what it means to serve. As mayor of Augusta, Georgia, Deke set mercurial politics aside and brought common sense back into the conversation. Through his collaborative leadership and focus on rallying people around a cause, he helped lay the foundation for the thriving city Augusta is today. Along the way, he restored trust in the citizens, created deep social change, and laid the groundwork for the changemaking ethic that has driven his mission since leaving office.

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