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Are You Ready to Become a Changemaker?

“How can I improve my community?”

“What what can I do to enrich the lives of my friends and neighbors?”

“I want to change the world.”

If you’ve shared these thoughts, it might be time for you to consider becoming a Changemaker. A Changemaker is a leader who not only knows the change they want to see in their world but is able to act. A Changemaker gathers resources and knowledge and rallies people to their cause to make that change happen.

Deke Copenhaver built his career on being a Changemaker. While mayor of Augusta, Georgia, he helped revitalize the Augusta economy, create a more united city, and improve the lives of Augusta’s citizens. With his new book, The Changemaker: The Art of Building Better Leaders, Deke is taking his changemaking expertise to the national stage and asking any inspired individuals, “Are you ready to become a Changemaker?”

Deke’s Seven Attributes of Changemakers reveal how anyone can become the transformative leader they want to be.

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