The Book

The Changemaker: The Art of Building Better Leaders

You don’t need a title to lead.

Before running for mayor of Augusta, Georgia, Deke Copenhaver was an unofficial leader of social change and politics within his community. In The Changemaker: The Art of Building Better Leaders, Deke shares how all of us can be true and authentic leaders.

Leadership is never easy. Almost all leaders deal with both triumph and tragedy, oftentimes in equal measure. The fact of the matter is that leadership insists on a constant rejection of the status quo. True leaders demand continuous reflection and improvement of those around them, and even more importantly, of themselves. True leaders are Changemakers.

In Deke’s book, you will learn to become unafraid of doing something different in the service of a good cause and how to spark a movement that others can’t help but rally around. Deke’s Seven Attributes of Changemakers reveal how anyone can become a transformative leader:

  • Creativity
  • Courage
  • Connecting
  • Listening
  • Transparency
  • Composure
  • Character

The Changemaker is a roadmap of sorts, designed to deliver comprehensive, common sense leadership strategies to people from all walks of life. Through personal and professional anecdotes, case studies, and the wisdom from Changemakers gone by, Deke Copenhaver will inspire and empower you to embrace adversity, rely on creativity and character, and sometimes take the road less traveled in order to unlock your ultimate potential.

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